Glare around sunrise and prior to sunset can make it difficult for motorists to see.  To drive safely in glare, follow these tips:


-Keep your windshield clean.  A windshield that is free of dirt and haze (both inside and outside) will make it easier to see.

-Carry a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and wear them when necessary.

-Signal turns sooner than you otherwise would.  If glare makes it difficult for you to see, other drivers will find it difficult to see your vehicle.  Signaling early gives them time to react.

-Tap the brake pedal before coming to a stop so that drivers have additional time to realize that you are preparing to stop.

-Be alert and scan for pedestrians, especially near intersections.



-Increase your following distance.  A longer following distance will give you more time to react if a vehicle stops unexpectedly in your path of travel.