Defensive Driving Courses

Nova Driving School is proud to be among the handful of providers authorized to teach the National Safety Council’s acclaimed Defensive Driving Courses. We are a National Safety Council certified training center with the ability to offer: Alive at 25, DDC4, DDC6, and DDC8.

Corporations that offer their employees any of the defensive courses available stand to gain more at the end of the day since they are likely to:

  • Create a culture of safety.
  • Lower workers’ compensation insurance cost.
  • Decrease insurance premiums on company vehicles.
  • Reduce liability exposure.

Alive at 25

For drivers ages 14 to 25 yrs old. Alive at 25 is a highly-effective, four-hour, defensive driving course that serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs — and is also ideal for young drivers who incur traffic violations. Through interactive media segments, workbook exercises, role playing and more, young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safe on the road. Skill practice and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques help change bravado into confidence. In addition to language that resonates with young adults, there’s also emphasis on classroom participation. Participants are encouraged to join in non-threatening, non-judgmental discussions — exploring how changing driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.

Alive at 25: $100

  • 4 Hours in-class instruction.
  • Video sessions and class discussion.
  • Ideal for young drivers with traffic violations and license suspensions.
  • Why drivers ages 15 to 24 often underestimate risks.
  • The effects of inexperience, peer pressure and distractions such as cell phones, text messaging, MP3 players and GPS units.
  • Communication skills for assertiveness and being a young leader.
  • Responsibility of passengers.
  • Fun and interactive.
  • State and local driving laws.


For drivers ages 18 years old and up. Ideal for companies looking to reduce their insurance rates. Can be tailored to address and include company policy. The focus of the training is to educate and influence new or experienced drivers to prevent accidental injury and possible death, and to facilitate defensive driving techniques. Programs are designed to focus on driver behavior and attitude, encourage good judgment, inspire better decision making and highlight consequences of one’s actions. The program is used by more than 500 corporations to train more than 400,000 employees every year.

Defensive Driving Course 4 Hours: DDC 4 $100

  • 4 hours of in class instruction.
  • How to reduce collision risk with defensive driving strategies.
  • The stages, causes and prevention of collisions.
  • How driving distractions such as talking and texting affect driving ability.
  • The definition of impairment and its related dangers.
  • The impact of physical, weather, road and traffic conditions.
  • How to identify and minimize aggressive driving activities.
  • The four fatal driving behaviors.

DDC 8/6

For drivers ages 18 years old and up. Ideal for companies looking to reduce their insurance rates. This comprehensive course teaches practical techniques to avoid accidents. The core eight- or six-hour curriculum can be tailored to address driving and road conditions, as well as company policy. It offers interactive learning, with activities, case studies, discussions and five video presentations designed to enhance learning and retention.

Defensive Driving Course 8/6 Hours: DDC 8/6 $100

  • 8/6 hours of in class instruction.
  • Practical knowledge and techniques to recognize potential hazards and avoid collisions and violations.
  • Why choosing safe, responsible and lawful driving behaviors and habits makes personal and financial sense
  • How to get employees to view safety on a personal level
  • How drugs and alcohol to physical and emotional conditions affects driving
  • The importance of vehicle safety inspections, covering car anatomy and maintenance musts
  • How the right attitude can help prevent collisions and poor decision-making.
  • How to drive defensively in unpredictable conditions
  • Video Sessions and class discussions.
  • Local Driving, Road Conditions, Company Policy.
  • Activities, Case Studies, Video Presentations.


For drivers ages 18 years old and up. Ideal for companies looking to reduce their insurance rates. National Safety Council Defensive Driving Professional Truck driver course can be tailored to address your company’s specific equipment (Straight Truck and Tractor), driver’s issues, and policies.

*Minimum of 10 people

Defensive Driving Course Professional Truck Driver 6 Hours: DDC PTD 6 $150

  • 6 hours of in class instruction.
  • How driver fatigue/stress affects operating a large truck
  • Key defensive driving techniques and safe maneuvers to avoid collisions and violations, and to prevent fatalities, injuries, and property damage.
  • Proper vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Proper Department of Transportation pre-trip inspection (Internal and external)
  • Steps for completing a Moral Responsibility Checklist
  • How to deal with changing driving conditions and hazards
  • How to get employees to view safety on a personal level
  • The importance of vehicle safety inspections, covering car anatomy and maintenance musts


Remedial is a state-mandated class for Illinois drivers under the age of 25 whose licenses have been suspended.

Remedial 4 Hours: $100

  • Four (4) hours of in-classroom instruction
  • Ideal for young drivers with traffic violations and license suspensions
  • Licensed and professional instructors
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Custom time available with 3+ students


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    The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy. By 2014, the council will save an additional 10,000 lives and prevent 1 million injuries. To achieve this goal, they will continue to partner with businesses, elected officials and the public to make an impact in areas such as distracted driving, teen driving, workplace safety, and safety in the home and community. They encourage businesses and individuals to get involved, and they provide a variety of ways to do so. Workplace safety and transportation have been critical areas of focus to the council since its inception in 1913. Over the years, increases in unintentional injury and death rates in the homes and communities have resulted in the council expanding its focus to include safety in homes and communities.