Want to learn the ins and outs of parallel parking? Need to know how to merge smoothly into the flow of Chicago’s busy expressway traffic? If so, then Nova Driving School’s parallel parking and highway driving lessons are for you.

Turning and Parking

Turning and Parking are skills that can be challenging for most new drivers. The ability to execute turns and parking maneuvers properly requires practice, good judgment and knowledge of traffic laws. Nova understands the importance of learning these techniques properly in a manner that will enable you to perform them safely. With dual Breaking equipped vehicles and our experienced instructors you will not feel scared as you learn to perform these maneuvers for the first time.

Winter Driving

Driving in snow and on icy roads is especially hazardous, even for seasoned drivers. A little preparation can go a long way toward avoiding a spin-out or even a collision during winter conditions. Learn how to prepare your vehicle for winter as well as how to anticipate and react to dangerous road conditions with this winter-specific defensive driving course. Call to learn snow driving techniques.


  • Parallel Parking rules and techniques.
  • Parallel Parking on both sides (driver’s side and passenger’s side).
  • Merging rules and techniques.
  • Changing lanes rules and techniques.
  • Ramp to Ramp entering, exiting and merging.
  • Merging rules and techniques.
  • Changing lanes rules and techniques.
  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Following distance.
  • Ramp to Ramp entering, exiting and merging.
  • What to do on Emergency situations on highway.
  • Prepare your vehicle for winter conditions.
  • Identifying and reacting to hazardous road conditions.
  • Safely operating a vehicle on snow and ice.
  • Correcting steering in a slide or spin.
  • One 2-hour lesson.
  • Safe dual-control vehicles.

Information With Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois Plan effective June 11th, classroom instruction will be "in-person" once again in select locations on June 14th. In-Person classes are scheduled at all locations beginning in July. Vaccinated students and instructors have the option to wear a mask during their class sessions and driving lessons. All non-vaccinated students and staff must continue to wear a mask as they have done during the last year. We will continue to clean and sanitize our classrooms and vehicles on a daily basis in accordance with IDPH guidelines. We are excited to welcome our students and look forward to a great summer!

Nova Driving School is excited to announce we are certified to participate in the IL Secretary of State Cooperative Road Test Program. Our Secretary of State- trained instructors are allowed to conduct the "Road Test" after your teen has completed their classroom and driving requirements.

Cooperative Road Test Information
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