Parents Play a Key Role in Developing Safe Teen Drivers

With National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 16-22) in our rearview mirror, Nova presents a few more tips for parents to keep teen drivers safe:   -Require your teen to wear a seat belt on every trip. This simple step can reduce your teen’s risk of dying or being badly injured in a crash by

Go, Cubs, Go!

Best Wishes to the Chicago Cubs from Nova Driving School!      

Congratulations on Earning Your Instruction Permits!

Congratulations to students in Nova’s Teen Program who have earned their instruction permits!  Pictured (left to right) are Nova students Katie F., Natalie R., and Casey K.   Nova’s Teen Program coursework, which includes 15 classroom sessions (2 hours per session), is designed to allow students to earn their instruction permits after the fourth class

Adult Driver Education Helps You Get Rolling Toward a Driver’s License

If you’re between ages 18 and 20 and you didn’t take Driver Education in high school, Nova’s 6-hour Adult Driver Education (ADE) class might be for you.  Since mid-2014, Illinois has required first-time driver’s license applicants (without any prior Driver Education background) to complete a six-hour Adult Driver Education course in order to earn a

Complete Your Adult Driver Education (6-hr) Course in One Day with Nova!

Policymakers in Illinois are committed to ensuring that young drivers have the skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle.  These skills include a solid knowledge of traffic laws, vehicle operation, and motorists’ responsibilities.  Illinois requires first-time driver’s license applicants (between 18 and 20) to complete a six-hour Adult Driver Education course if they did

Nova Participates in Hiring Fair at West Ridge Elementary School

Nova Driving School hit the road last week in search of a few good men and women to join us in our work to advance safe, responsible driving. We were pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a Hiring Fair sponsored by Sen. Ira Silverstein, Alderman Debra Silverstein, and the Illinois Department of Employment

Poster Project Unleashes Creativity for Driver Education Students

Nova Driving School believes that driver education should be both informative and fun.  To that end, students at Nova’s Hyde Park branch recently designed posters focused on traffic safety issues that affect young drivers, particularly those drivers between ages 15 and 25.  Using markers and a healthy dose of creativity, students in Nova instructor Nakeyia

Blinded by the Light: Driving Safely in Glare

Glare around sunrise and prior to sunset can make it difficult for motorists to see.  To drive safely in glare, follow these tips:   -Keep your windshield clean.  A windshield that is free of dirt and haze (both inside and outside) will make it easier to see. -Carry a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle

Slow and Steady Keeps You Safe Near Farm Equipment

With harvest season around the corner, motorists across Illinois will soon share rural roads with farm equipment, including tractors, combines, and farm trucks.  If you plan to drive on rural roads this fall, keep these tips in mind to ensure your safety, local farmers’ safety, and the safety of all motorists on the road (courtesy