Nova’s one-day, six-hour Adult Driver Education class allows students between 18 and allows students between 18 and
20 to complete the Illinois Adult Driver Education requirement in a fun, efficient format. Illinois requires first-time driver’s license applicants (between 18 and 20) to complete a six-hour Adult Driver Education course if they did not take driver education through their high school or through a driving school.


Nova’s class covers the process for earning a license; the Rules of the Road; the dangers of distracted and impaired driving; and driving safely in a variety of weather conditions, among other topics.


Classes are held on select Sundays of the month at Nova’s main branch at 2036 N. Western Avenue and on specific dates at Nova’s Hyde Park branch at 5503 S. Harper Ave in Chicago. To learn more about Nova’s Adult Driver Education course, visit us on the Web at or call us at (773) 489-2712.