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Christine K.


on Yelp

I got my driver's license in 2 weeks (1 day of written test prep, 8 days of 2-hour driving lessons) through Nova. Nova was very clear with what I needed to prepare for the tests including the documents, fees, and etc. I never had to be stressed about registering for the tests and Nova took me to the DMV right during the time when it was least crowded. My behind-the-wheel instructor was Javier. I had driving lessons by two different people in the past from other driving schools, but Javier was most helpful. He was very thorough. He pointed out what I needed to practice more and how I can improve it. Before the test, I was very nervous, but he was very encouraging and calm, which made me feel relaxed to take the test successfully. I don't know what other people's experience was like with other instructors, but I highly recommend Nova and taking the driving the lesson from Javier. Unlike other driving schools I attended in the past, Nova is not only about getting their students to get a license, but to have them drive by themselves safely.

Miladys R


on Yelp

Professional, Purposeful and Patient are just three words I am using to describe an awesome driving instructor who works for me. I was nervous and yet I needed to learn how to drive and pass the road test. Thanks to the kind and wonderful way he taught me I passed it. I am so grateful for the way in which he conducted himself to teach this novice. I recommend Javier M. as an instructor with the highest marks of excellence. He took me through all the necessary steps to pass the test. If I lost focus he was there to spot it immediately and "steer" me back on course. I commend him for his work and my thanks to you as a company for providing him at the right time in the right place for me to achieve my goal. Sincerely, Miladys Rodriguez

Sydney A.


on Google

My experience with Nova in Chicago was amazing. I'm 22 with some driving experience so it was suggested that I take the Adult Intermediate course. Darryl was my instructor and he was nothing short of perfect! He was extremely helpful and made be feel so comfortable behind the wheel. I used to have terrible driving anxiety, but after a few hours with Darryl, I trusted him and his knowledge. He encouraged me and motivated me so much. I am happy to say that I my license on the first try! Thanks to Darryl, I am a confident, licensed driver!!!!!!!!!

TyReenah O.


on Yelp

Out of all the driving schools I researched nova was the best one hands down. My instructor was Reggie, and when I say he is the best I mean it. I started off nervous, but Reggie definitely made me feel comfortable. Today was my road test and I passed on the first try and that's because I had a wonderful instructor who listens and that is very patient. Thanks again Reggie

Before the Wave

on Google

This experience was one of the best experiences I had. I was nervous on driving behind the wheel, but Julio worked with me until I was confident. The associate cares about others succeeding and that is the most important part about this course. We need more places like NOVA around the city in order to build one another’s confidence and have them ready behind the wheel. I will recommend this location to various people I know who have been through the same situation as me. I give this place a 5 out of 5 due to how organized they are, the instructors value towards the student, and having the student ready for the road. Wonderful job!

Ksenia Zdor

on Facebook

I signed up for Ultimate Beginner Program (12h + Road Test) Due to my crazy working schedule I could not have all my lessons with only one instructor. But that’s ok, because otherwise I could not have found the best instructor. If you are a slow learner and need to take everything step by step in a calm way I would recommend Martha Naveda. She is very kind and patient throughout our lessons, always punctual, and that is really great, because not all instructors are. She won’t scold you if you make a mistake, she’ll repeat instructions over and over again just to make sure you understand. If one way of explaining doesn’t work, she’ll find another way to explain. She is really fantastic! Overall, I am enjoying my lessons at Nova Driving so far.

Madhura J.


on Yelp

Had a very positive experience with the company, in general. The support staff is very responsive; they clearly explained all the rules/policies, documentation requirements, etc. and sent reminders before the appointment aptly. Since I had some prior driving experience (although back in my country, with stick shift gears and right-hand drive), I had taken the 1hr lesson + road test package. My instructor was Martha who did an amazing job! She was punctual, kind and extremely helpful. In that one hour, I was able to get enough practice to feel "ready" to take the test. She went over the rules theoretically and practically till they were fixed in my head. Needless to say, I passed the test! Thanks Martha and Nova.

Karinna P.


on Yelp

I just passed my road test this morning after taking the Ultimate Beginner Package (6 lessons). My instructor was Lawrence and he was incredibly patient with me while I got the hang of the road. I was a very nervous driver when I started out, but he was able to build my confidence when driving on busy roads and made sure to strengthen my weaker points before the test. Overall, I most likely wouldn't have been able to get my license within a week and a half if it hadn't been for Lawrence, and my experience with Nova definitely made getting a license a lot easier!

Madison Light

on Google

My instructor, Donica, was outstanding and helped critique small flaws in my driving in addition to learning some other techniques before the driver’s license exam. Donica was very laid back and took off a lot of the pressure and nervousness I had for the road test. I would definitely recommend Nova to people learning how to drive who need a good, detail-oriented teacher or for those who do not have a car to practice driving in or take the road test in. Thanks Nova!!

‎Jeff Brown

on Facebook

Thus far, my experience with Nova Driving School has been outstanding after the remarkable Driving Permit class I took at the Evanston office and two behind-the-wheel lessons. My instructor at the first lesson was Donica, whose relaxed, open conversational and friendly manner immediately put my nerves at ease. Her instruction was calm, clear and easy to follow, and she was quick to let me know when I had done well. I left the lesson feeling extremely positive about driving. My second instructor was Javier. He is a master at teaching his student a methodical way of learning, focusing on both verbal and manual repetition. He encourages the student to speak what they are doing and to do it repeatedly. I was nervous, but Javier's confidence as an instructor and his words of reassurance were just what I needed. At the end of the lesson, he took time to tell me about other students he has instructed who had difficulties at first but went on to earn their license. I needed to hear that! Thank you, Donica and Javier!

Miyosha Bell

on Facebook

I would love to give a big up to my instructor “GENO”!!! Thank you for helping me to obtain my driver’s license today!!! I am still basking in the moment right now. You have no idea what opportunities this has just opened up for me. I can now continue on my journey in my work profession quest. Thank you for being patient and restoring my confidence back. Lastly, thank you Nova for supplying me with your vehicle and such a wonderful instructor! Also, your very friendly staff as well. Thank you again

Patrick G.


on Google

I took a stick shift lesson with Geno at Nova driving school and it was the first and only time I've ever driven manual. He was thorough, gave me a rundown of the transmission, do's and don'ts, and had me driving smoothly in about an hour. We went over a bunch of scenarios, including uphill/downhill shifting, parallel parking in manual, etc. I'm confident in driving stick after one lesson, but I would plan on taking two.

Sydney G.


on Yelp

I recently just finished taking a self-study class at Nova with two of my friends. My instructor was Jessica Ross and she brought so much joy and knowledge to drivers ed. One would think that they would dread going to class for 10 days in a row in the summer. I can honestly say that was not the case for my friends and I. I was actually really sad when I finished my two weeks of class. She shared so much intellect and insight to the realities of driving and I feel 100% confident that I can succeed on the road all thanks to her. I passed the written permit test with flying colors and I truly understand everything we went over in class because of how well she explained it. I am so glad that I had an instructor that showed enthusiasm for the subject matter and really taught me the concepts of driving in such a short amount of time. She always kept class interesting with her real-life experiences and fun music playlists while we worked. Thank you, Jessica, for making this past week and a half so enjoyable!