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Good vision is essential for road safety.

  • If you can’t see properly, you can’t drive safely.
  • Most driving mistakes are caused by bad habits in the way drivers use their eyes.
  • You need different kinds of vision to be able to drive safely.

The different kinds of vision include:

a. Distance Vision

  • You have to be able to see clearly to drive safely.
  • Even the simplest reactions can take a half-second.
  • If your distance vision is poor, you may not see hazards until it’s too late to react.
  • The faster you travel, the less time you have to see things and react to them.
  • Poor distance vision and excessive speed can have disastrous results.
  • Distance vision can also be affected by the state of your windshield and side windows.

Tip:Keep windows clean and free of dust and scratches in order to see well on bright days and at night.

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