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Recreational Vehicles

First, let’s look at

  • Visibility.
    • On the positive side, an RV offers excellent visibility through its large front windshield.
    • In addition, a high seating position gives an RV driver a commanding view of the road.
    • On the negative side, because of its length and width, an RV has larger blind spots to the sides and back of the vehicle compared to a passenger car.
    • The RV likely has interior walls that make it difficult or impossible to see through the vehicle’s rear window, if the vehicle has one.
    • As a result of the blind spots, an RV driver has to use the vehicle’s mirrors to drive safely when merging or changing lanes.
    • If driving in the lane next to an RV, be aware of the vehicle’s blind spots—similar to a semi-truck’s blind spots—and avoid driving in them.

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