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Recreational Vehicles

  • Stopping Distance
    • RVs also weigh much more than conventional passenger cars and light trucks.
    • Thus the stopping distance for an RV is longer than the stopping distance for car, minivan, or SUV.
    • If you decide to drive an RV, practice driving the vehicle in a parking lot or on a quiet street before driving in congested traffic.
  • Center of Gravity/Stability
    • Due to their significant height, RVs have a higher center of gravity than passenger cars.
    • In calm conditions, you can compensate for the high center of gravity by driving more slowly, especially on winding roads and on sharp curves.
    • On a windy day, the high center of gravity means that an RV will be much less stable than a car.
    • If you encounter windy conditions, slow down or stop until conditions improve.

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