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Traffic laws exist to ensure that each road user operates his or her vehicle in a safe, responsible manner. In this module, we’ll look at the traffic laws that are described in the Illinois Rules of the Road.

  • When applying for an Illinois license you will need to:
    • Complete and pass a knowledge test (written exam)
      The written exam includes identifying traffic signs by shape, color and symbol; identifying signals and pavement markings; and answering multiple choice and true-false questions about the traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention and vehicle equipment.
    • Take a vision test
      Everyone must have a vision test or submit a vision specialist report. Remember if you wear glasses or contacts, a restriction will be noted on your license.
    • Pass the road test.
      The road test involves a demonstration of your driving ability during an in-vehicle test. In most states this is done in actual traffic. In a few states it’s done on a closed course.

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