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Safety Belt Laws

  • State law requires all drivers and passengers (front seat and back seat) age 8 and older to wear safety belts even if the vehicle is equipped with air bags.
  • Passengers under age 8 must be secured in an appropriate child restraint system (e.g., a car seat or booster seat).

Speed Limit Laws

  • The speed limit represents the maximum speed at which a person can drive under safe conditions.
  • If the road is wet as a result of rain or snow, or if you’re driving in conditions with limited visibility (e.g., at night), drive below the speed limit.
  • The type of road on which you’re driving makes a difference, too.
  • If you’re driving on hills or curves, you should travel below the speed limit because your line of sight will be limited.
  • In addition, reduce your speed when you’re traveling through an intersection or when you’re approaching railroad tracks. Each of these areas is a high-risk zone for motor vehicle crashes.

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