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Parking Laws


  • Drivers are not allowed to stop, stand, or park their vehicles in certain locations.
  • Local governments will post signs to alert motorists to specific, local parking restrictions.
  • General parking restrictions that apply across Illinois are shown below. Stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle is prohibited:
    • On the roadway side of any vehicle (double parking).
    • On a sidewalk, crosswalk, or within an intersection.
    • Next to or on the opposite side of any street excavation area if your vehicle would block traffic.
    • On any bridge, overpass, railroad track, or highway tunnel.
    • On any controlled-access highway, such as an expressway or interstate highway where motorists enter and exit via ramps. Stopping to address a vehicle-specific emergency (such as an overheated engine or a tire blowout) is allowed.
  • Stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle is prohibited:
    • In any location where it is practical to stop or park off the roadway.
    • At any place where official signs prohibit stopping, standing, or parking.

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