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Special Stops: Railroad Crossings

126Railroad Crossings-Uncontrolled Crossings

  • When you are approaching an uncontrolled railroad crossing (without lights or gates):
    • Look and Listen
    • Be even more careful to check for a train
    • Check both directions of the track for oncoming trains and railroad equipment
    • Proceed with caution across the tracks

Railroad Crossings-Special Vehicles

  • Keep in mind that some vehicles, such as school buses, vehicles carrying hazardous materials, and vehicles carrying passengers for hire (such as buses) must stop at all railroad grade crossings and check for trains before proceeding across the tracks.
  • If you’re driving in congested traffic, make sure that you have enough space to clear the railroad tracks. If there is not enough space in your lane beyond the tracks, stop before you reach the tracks. Stopping on railroad tracks is illegal.

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