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Lane Usage

  • Drivers should drive on the right half of the road (with some exceptions). These exceptions include:
  • Passing another vehicle moving in the same direction on a road where passing is permitted.
  • Driving around an obstacle or blockage that makes it necessary to drive to the left of the center line. Make sure to yield to oncoming traffic, though.
  • Drivers are permitted to drive on the left half of the road when a road is divided into three marked lanes for traffic; when a one-way street has two or more lanes; when crossing the center line to make a left turn; or when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle.
  • If you are driving on an interstate highway or an full access-controlled freeway or tollway and traffic is not congested, the left lane should be used only as a passing lane.
  • Keeping the left lane open as a passing lane allows faster traffic to pass slower-moving traffic.
  • If traffic in all lanes on an interstate highway, freeway, or tollway is moving slowly, drivers are allowed to drive in any lane, including the left lane.

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