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  • If you determine that passing is both permitted and advisable under the circumstances, you should:
    • Check your mirrors.
    • Activate the left turn signal.
    • Check over your shoulder to make sure that no vehicle is passing your car.
    • Accelerate moderately.
    • Turn the steering wheel slightly to the left to move into the oncoming lane of traffic.
    • Accelerate briskly to the speed limit.
    • Pass the slower-moving vehicle.
    • Advance to a position beyond the slower-moving vehicle.
    • Activate your right-turn signal to show that you plan to return to the right lane.
    • Make sure that you can see the entire vehicle that you just passed in your rearview mirror.
    • If you can see the vehicle that you passed, you may return to the right lane.
    • Steer smoothly into the right lane.
    • Cancel your turn signal if the signal did not cancel automatically.

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