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Construction Zones

  • When approaching a construction zone or maintenance zone (sometimes described as a work zone), drivers are required to:
    • slow down
    • make a lane change to a lane away from the workers when possible
    • discontinue wire-less/cellphone use (unless using a hands-free device that may include the use of a single-sided headset)
    • yield to any authorized vehicles in the construction or maintenance zone.
    • proceed with caution
  • By making the lane change, the motorist leaves a “buffer zone” between their lane and the workers to minimize the risk of a collision with a worker or equipment.
  • You might notice a special, reduced speed limit sign in construction zones, too.
  • Lower speed limits in construction zones

    • give drivers more time to respond to hazards
    • allow drivers to stop their cars in a shorter distance
    • protect the safety of workers and motorists alike.

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