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Fatigued Driving (continued)

  • Drifting between lanes or onto shoulder
  • Abnormal speed, tailgating, or failure to obey traffic signs
  • Back tension, burning eyes, shallow breathing or inattentiveness
  • If you find that you’re losing focus while driving,
    • Stop at a rest area or other well-lighted area and take a nap.
    • Before napping, turn off your engine to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and lock your doors for safety.
  • If you’re planning to drive,
    • Get plenty of rest before the trip,
    • Avoid large meals, and
    • Don’t drink alcohol before driving
    • Keep the car well-ventilated
  • On a long trip, plan to stop every two hours and take a 15-minute break.
    • During the break, walk around, stretch, and have a soft drink.
    • Drive with another person to assist in driving

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