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Children age 8 – 12 years old

  • Should use a booster seat.
  • The booster seat elevates the child so that the seat belt fits him or her properly.
  • Once again, the rear seat is the safest location for a child in a booster seat.
  • When a child is around 4 feet, 9 inches tall, he or she is likely ready to use a regular seat belt without a booster seat.
  • The shoulder belt portion of the seat belt should fit snugly across the chest, and the lap belt portion should fit over the pelvis.
  • If a child is not ready to use a regular seat belt, he or she should continue to use a booster seat.

Ignition Switch

  • In just a moment, you’ll be ready to start the vehicle.
  • When you entered the vehicle, you placed the key in the ignition so that the key wouldn’t fall between the front seats.
    A typical ignition switch has four positions: Off, Accessory, On and Start.

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