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Rural Driving: Road Conditions

  • Traction on gravel or dirt is worse than on a paved road, and when weather conditions are wet, the traction declines even further.
  • Rural roads often lack the overhead lighting common in cities.
  • Streetlights, if present at all, typically don’t extend beyond a rural community’s main streets.

    Road Conditions: Strategies for Reducing Risk

  • If you drive on an unpaved road, take turns and curves even more slowly than you would on a paved road.
  • Remember that stopping distances will be increased when driving on muddy roads or gravel roads.
  • If overhead illumination is not present at night, do not pass cars on a two-lane road.
  • Passing when visibility is limited could result in a crash.
  • Steep hills and no overhead lighting add to the level of risk for drivers who travel on this stretch of rural road at night.

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