The following are Nova Driving School’s (“NDS,” “Nova”) General Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all students in all classes. Please read this page carefully. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to the Terms and Conditions of the individual programs offered by Nova. Please read the Terms and Conditions that apply to your individual course or courses.

Thank you for choosing Nova Driving School!

SCHEDULING: Nova Driving School (“NDS”) may, at its own discretion, change course schedules and locations. On rare occasions, Nova may cancel a course. Should this occur, students will be alerted immediately by either phone or email.


STUDENT DISMISSAL: NDS may dismiss any student who has not paid tuition in full in accordance with our tuition policies or who is a disruptive presence for other students.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: All techniques and materials used in lessons are the exclusive property of NDS. You agree not to disclose, sell, or distribute any information obtained from NDS, written or spoken, to any third party.


CONFIDENTIALITY: NDS will not disclose, sell, or distribute any information obtained from a student, either written or spoken, with a any third party, unless it is requested to do so by legal party or court order.


WEBSITE: Both and make use of marketing pixels.


All trademarks, service marks, logos, model and brand names, emblems and protectable trade dress elements, whether explicitly marked or not, (individually and collectively, “Marks”) used on this website are owned by NDS or joint partners, or are used with permission.  All Marks are subject to U.S. (federal and state) and international trademark, unfair competition laws, and other intellectual property laws.


By choosing to take classes at NDS, the student agrees not to copy, reproduce, download, upload, post, display, broadcast, transmit, distribute, publish, republish, encode, translate or otherwise use any Materials or Marks provided on this website in any form, by any means, in any medium, or by any information storage or retrieval system without the express written permission of NDS.


PERSONAL PROPERTY: The staff and instructors at Nova Driving School are not liable for loss of a student’s private property and/or documents. Please keep track of your belongings when in a Nova classroom or car.


DISPUTE RESOLUTION: All disputes under Administrative Driving Code, Title 92, Chap. II, Part 1060.80 shall be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State Office.


ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement (the General Terms and Conditions plus the Terms and Conditions for the student’s specific course) constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student. These Terms and Conditions supersede any verbal promises, assurances, or agreements.



For our Teen Classroom programs, please read our Teen Classroom Terms and Conditions


For our Teen Independent Study programs, please read our Teen Independent Study Terms and Conditions


For our Behind the Wheel driving programs, please read our Behind the Wheel Terms and Conditions


For information about when a student may take their road test, please read our Road Test Readiness Checklist and Procedures