For students who are under the age of 18:


  1. The student must be at least 16 years old.
  2. The student must have completed 30 hours of classroom study and six/eight hours of Behind the Wheel driving lessons in order for NDS to send the student’s certification to the Secretary of State’s office.
  3. If the classroom portion of the program was completed in a CPS school, NDS can determine whether the school sent certification to the Secretary of State by looking up the student’s permit in the SOS database.
  4. NDS sends certification to the Secretary of State’s office upon a student’s completion of their required classes and lessons. NOTE: The Secretary of State’s office may take up to three weeks to process certification once it has been submitted.
  5. The student must have held their permit for at least nine months, and may not have any moving violations on their record. Any moving violation conviction will result in a nine-month waiting period beyond the initial nine-month Instruction Permit period before the student may apply for a driver’s license.

If these three requirements are met, then the teen is eligible to take their road test.




Students must bring these documents to their road test:


  • Instruction Permit that shows the student’s current address
  • 50-Hour Driving Log
  • Valid Illinois State I.D. that shows the student’s current address

If the student does not have an Illinois State I.D., the must bring all four of the following documents (original documents only; the SOS will not accept photocopies):


  • Student’s U.S. Birth Certificate or valid U.S Passport
  • Student’s Social Security Card (must be the original card, signed)
  • Student’s School ID, or any picture ID with the student’s name on it
  • Proof of the student’s home address with student’s name on it (e.g.: official school transcripts that list the home address, a bank statement with the student’s name and address on it, the student’s Social Security card if the label with the student’s home address on it is still attached).


If the student is missing one or more of the documents listed above, they should check this complete list of acceptable documents at to find acceptable substitutes.


We encourage students to bring more documents in case one does not qualify. A full list of acceptable documents can be found on the second page of this PDF.


For students who are 18, 19, or 20 years of age:


The student must have proof of completion of a standard 30-hour Driver’s Education course in high school or elsewhere, or they may take NDS’s six-hour Adult Driver’s Education (ADE) class, as required by the state of Illinois.


Students who enroll in ADE as part of a package with Behind The Wheel instruction and Written Exam preparation will receive a $40 discount. The day and time of the class becomes flexible if there are more than three students enrolled in the same six-hour ADE session. If there are fewer than three students enrolled, the ADE session will be scheduled by NDS.


NOTE: Before traveling to the SOS to take the road test, license applicants should check the Secretary of State’s website to ensure that their information has been entered into the SOS database. Go to this site and enter the Instruction Permit identification (with dashes) to verify.


Alternately, students or parents may call the Office of the Secretary of State:


  • 312-793-1010
  • Press 3 to reach an agent
  • Provide the Instruction Permit identification to the agent.

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