Nova Class Training - motorcycle

Francisco Naveda

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Stick Shift Lessons, Defensive Driving Instruction

During my 5 years at Nova Driving School, I have used my many years of experience to guide students through obstacles and give them reassurance when they make mistakes. My teaching style makes learning to drive at any level enjoyable when we are celebrating our wins or fixing our mistakes. I am very patient and my job is to help you understand how to drive in a very simple way.

“He was great, teaching me simple rules of thumb to make driving seem really easy and I gained my confidence back intact. He praised me and said I really did great and said that he did not have to step on the brakes once. I am ready to get my license soon. Thank you FRANCISCO. I would give it a 5 star if I was able to have the instructor I requested for all 4 lessons.” – By: Pauline T (Yelp)

Eugene Gutter

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Road Test, Defensive Driving

Eugene has a goal, a great driving experience. Students enjoy his real driving experience and learn from Marcelo’s exceptional instruction. His intense Driving Instruction allows students to learn skills they need will need and practice the rest of their lives. A patient instructor who really enjoys his students.

“Eugene, whom I had as an instructor for my last two lessons and the road test was amazing!! He taught me a lot. He is a very easy person to work with. He is the reason for my 5 stars review. I would recommend you ask for him by name when you schedule a lesson.” – By Sam S. (Yelp)

Xavier McDavid

Skills: Classroom Instruction, Type 09 teaching certification, Rules of the Road, Teen Classroom Instruction.

Students in driver’s education courses are goal oriented. They want to earn their instruction permits and ultimately, their licenses. The students in my class are eager to learn, and I enjoy teaching them the rules of the road as well as specialized chapters such as basic maneuvers, hazardous conditions / inclement weather, sharing the roadway, vehicle maintenance and distracted driving & impaired driving. I make it a priority to show students that their decisions behind the wheel have life-altering consequences.

“Before taking the class I was very nervous about driving in Chicago. However, after the first class I felt much more confident. I highly recommend Nova Driving School. Great Experience!” – By: Anna S. (Yelp)

Javier Moreno

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Road Test, Defensive Driving

I really enjoy seeing my students succeed. I feel very proud to see the process from beginning steps of moving the car to my students achieving their goal of obtaining a driver’s license. I am very patient and my students always see the best of me. Get your license today.

Had a great experience nova and with my instructor Javier. I needed to refresh my driving skills before i could clear the road test. I was pretty rusty initially but Javier provided excellent guidance getting my confidence back up. He also gave me few good tips to boost my driving further. He was also very patient, friendly and on time. Got my license on the first attempt and am extremely happy. Thanks Javier and Nova. – Raavi V. (google)

Reginald Rush

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Road Test, Defensive Driving

My Style as an instructor is calm, cool & collected. What I enjoy most about being an instructor is when our students receive their license after starting from nothing. The independence and freedom they receive is the reason we are here.

This is the best driving school ever. I got the best instructor Reggie who was calm friendly and extremely helpful and because of him I was able to drive on the expressway thanks to his teachings. This is so by far the best one yet and thanks to them I can finally drive. – Sonia C. (google)

Martha Naveda

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Road Test, Defensive Driving

I really enjoy when students notice how to improve their driving skills, follow the rules of the road and above all practice the skills of caution learned through our courses. I teach according to my student’s personality which more often than not lead to positive motivations that inspires success. I truly enjoy what I do and love working with my students.

I am very impressed with Nova. I am a nervous person but my instructor Martha was wonderful. She was patient and explained everything in detail. I recommend her to anyone with no driving experience. Now i have my license was so painless and actually fun! – Yahret O. (google)

Brian Bacon

Skills: Teen Programs, Adult Instruction, Road Test, Defensive Driving

I love to see my students smile when they get their license, but what’s most gratifying is seeing students finally master a skill they thought was impossible. I am friendly, patient and encouraging, but very detailed oriented. My students learn the skills they need and understand the rules before hitting the street. I will make sure you are completely prepared, no matter what skill level, before you take your driving test.

“My instructor Brian showed up promptly at 6am outside my door. We drove to a DMV in the west of Chicago, then practiced on the course that the DMV uses (including left turns, right turns, merging, three-point turn) until they opened at 8. When I said I had skipped breakfast, he even guided me to a nearby McDonalds and talked me through going through my very first drive-thru! 🙂 We made it back to the DMV in time to catch them opening. He guided me into parking, answered all my questions about the process, and waited while I got my paperwork done and did the test. The DMV dude was ok, and the course was just like what Nick had had me practice. I passed. 🙂 It was great! Highly recommended.” – Kathleen G. (Yelp)