CHANGING CLASS SECTIONS—RE-ENROLLMENT FEE: If a student wants to switch from their classroom section to another available section, they must inform Nova before the beginning of their third classroom session. They may switch to a session that has not yet begun but cannot switch to a class session that has already started. There is a $45 re-enrollment fee.




      1. If there is a program being taught Mondays/Wednesdays, and another program being taught Tuesdays/Thursdays, and both programs started the same week, a student in either program may switch to the other without paying a re-enrollment fee so long as the student requests the change before the third classroom session.
      2. If there are two programs being taught Mondays/Wednesdays at different times of the day, a student in either program may switch to the other without paying a re-enrollment fee so long as the student requests the change before the third classroom session.


ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS/ABSENCES: Students may miss a total of four classroom sessions without penalty, although they will have to make up each of those sessions in order to pass the class. If a student misses a fifth session, they will be dropped from the program, even if they have made up the other four sessions. They may re-enroll in the program at a later date for a $45 re-enrollment fee. No refund will be given for students who are dropped from a program for missing more than four sessions.


TARDINESS: Students are considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the class starts. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, they will be marked absent. If the student completes the required activities for the day, they do not have to make up the class, but it still counts against their four allowed absences. If the student is unable to complete all of the required activities for the day, they will need to attend a make-up class.


EARLY DEPARTURE FROM CLASS: Students may not leave a class early unless Nova receives written permission from the parent(s) or from a legal guardian. A text from the parent to the student, made from the phone number Nova has on file for the parent(s), is acceptable.


MAKE-UP CLASSES: Students who miss a classroom session must make up the missed session. Once their classroom course ends, the students have one week from the last class to complete any outstanding make-up work.  Nova cannot certify a student whose work is incomplete, and Nova must certify each student with the Secretary of State in order for that student to acquire a driver’s license. It may take a student anywhere from half an hour to an hour to make up each absence’s work.


Students are welcome to make up any missed classes during Nova’s weekly make-up class on Fridays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at any Nova location, but they must alert the Teen Programs coordinator that they will be coming to the Friday make-up session by emailing If a student cannot come to a Friday make-up session, they can schedule their own make-up session by emailing the Teen Programs coordinator at


MAKE-UP CLASSES—WRITTEN EXAM EXCEPTION: If students miss the written exam practice date during their classroom course, they may not use a standard Friday make-up class to complete it. Instead, they will need to attend a written-exam practice in another session in progress. The student or parent must contact and state explicitly that the make-up session is for the written exam preparation class. The student may be added to an Adult Driver’s Ed written exam class, or to an upcoming Teen Program written exam class. If neither of these options are convenient, the student may schedule a one-on-one independent study for written exam preparation at an $90 fee.


THE WRITTEN EXAM AT THE OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Once the student has completed their written exam practice day in the classroom (the fourth day of class), they will be issued an envelope with some of the documents necessary to take to any office of the Secretary of State in order to take their written exam for their driver’s permit. At that point, the student is eligible to take the exam for their permit. A full list of eligible/required documents can be found here at the Secretary of State’s Office website.


If a parent cannot accompany a student to the SOS to take the written exam and obtain their permit, Nova Driving School offers a chaperone service. Students or parents may visit Nova’s Teen Programs webpage and scroll down to “Teen Permit Chaperone Service” to schedule their trip. Parents sending their teens to the SOS with Nova’s Chaperone Service must sign the permit form.


NDS requires a copy of each student’s permit. Students should bring their permit to class so that the teacher can make a copy. Once the student has earned their permit, they may schedule their Behind-the-Wheel lessons. If a parent cannot accompany a student to the Secretary of State to take their road exam to obtain their driver’s license, then the parent must download, fill out, and send the Affidavit/Consent for Minor to Drive document with their student to the SOS.


REFUNDS: NDS will process refund requests made prior to the first lesson at their discretion, and on a case-by-case basis.


Students have 30 days from the package purchase date to request a refund. A 30% fee is applied to all program refunds made during this 30-day period. If a student decides to stop all lessons with NDS after the 30-day deadline has passed, payment cannot be refunded. However, the program credit remains available for one year from its purchase date, and students may choose to transfer the credit to a friend or family member.


PAYMENT REFUSAL/LACK OF FUNDS: In the event that the method of payment is returned for insufficient funds, the student or parent(s) will be responsible for the entire balance, as well as for any bank fees incurred by NDS due to payment refusal. In the event that the balance is not paid in full by 90 days, the student or parent(s) will be responsible for all billed charges, collection costs, and reasonable attorney fees.

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